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  • How I became an Artist? How I make it?

    I prayed, I persevere. I did not get give up; even though negative thoughts came in my mind

    to tell me to stop paint. I endure redicule from everyone who say I could n't paint or draw. I set my own personal goals and work towards them in the midst of opposition. It was tough and I made it. You too can be successful in what ever you set your mind to do. If I make it you can make it too

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    Anika Taylor Created on 11/09/2013 01:55

    This Website is informative

    Neil Bartholomew Created on 28/09/2013 17:58

    The paintings demonstrate the unique artistic quality of the artist...............Great job

    Annette John Created on 10/12/2013 03:59

    I got more than plenty time for that, viewing these excuisite paintings

    Waynelle Created on 10/12/2013 17:09

    Well done!!! Fine art!!!

    Angela C. Taylor Created on 15/01/2014 05:41

    Work of a true artist, Continue to improve

    Richard Grimes Created on 26/02/2016 23:53

    "ART IS A GIFT OF GOD" 100% agreed. Brilliant achievements and accolades you've received with your art.
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